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These are examples of services that can be performed upon request

  • Shopping/ Stocking groceries prior to you/your guest's arrival
  • Making Dinner reservations at best restaurants in area
  • Stocking Bar
  • Arranging custom large or small flower arrangements around the home
  • Organizing home repairs
  • Organizing landscape maintenance and installations
  • Contacting local services for repairs or deliveries

                                        $35.00/ first hour-$25.00 each additional hour

                                        Mileage(if necessary) .50 cents per mile

                                        20% of total for items purchased added

To include:

We inspect the exterior of your home for any property damage due to weather or vandalism.  This includes windows, landscaping, general inspection of the outside of the building, exterior plumbing, backyard appliances, pool area/ pump and outdoor lighting.  We also clean up outdoor wind debris as well as remove any flyers to give your home that "lived in look".

We check for leaks from plumbing or hot water heaters.  Run water down drains to prevent evaporation of drain traps and sewer odors from entering the home.  Make adjustments to lighting as needed.

Turn on utilities prior to your returning:  air conditioning or heating, water, electricity, water heater, set thermostats, open water lines, etc.  By request only.